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If you think that the stubborn stains are here to stay, they would not stand a chance if you try these fix tricks to get out stains and make your dress as new as ever.


How to get stains out
Never let stains settle down or leave your stains unattended. As soon as something spills, immediately wet the stains with tap water so that it does not sit on your garment for too long.


Dab a wet cloth over the stain from behind and place a dry, colorless absorbent cloth or paper towel towards the face of the stain so that it comes out in the first wash easily.


This one comes from grandmother’s home remedy. In case of tea or coffee stain, generously sprinkle talcum powder over the area. Allow it to dry.

Getting out chewing gum from your shirt could be a sticky business. Place your shirt in the freezers for two to three hours then peel out chewing gum stuck onto your shirt.


In all cases, soak the garment in a tub of soapy water. Rub gently and rinse.


How to get back the original size of your shrunken shirt
When your shirt goes from size 14 to size 4 and your size does not budge a single inch, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your shirt has shrunk but don’t let that shrink your mood because here is an easy way to get back your original shirt size.


Add hair conditioner to lukewarm water in a tub. Allow your shrunk shirt to soak for at least thirty minutes. Then stretch the shirt back to its original shape. Hand wash and rinse out in clean water. Lay the shirt flat to allow it to dry.

Be careful while washing your woolens as they are vulnerable to shrink when washed in hard detergent. Always choose mild detergents that are especially meant for woolens. Lay flat to dry.


The quick fixes will revive your ruined shirt to as good as new. You would realize that the tough stains aren’t so tough after all.

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