All about eco-friendly detergents

Eco friendly detergents are the talk of the town nowadays. Everyone from common man to scientists wants to experiment and use these Eco-friendly detergents. If there is one cleaning item that we all use within our house the most, it is the laundry detergent. Thus, how much better would it be if we can use Eco-friendly detergents?

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If you think that the stubborn stains are here to stay, they would not stand a chance if you try these fix tricks to get out stains and make your dress as new as ever. 

How to get stains out
Never let stains settle down or leave your stains unattended. As soon as something spills, immediately wet the stains with tap water so that it does not sit on your garment for too long. Dab a wet cloth over the stain from behind and place a dry, colorless absorbent cloth or paper towel towards the face of the stain so that it comes out in the first wash easily.

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